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6 Tips for Team Wellness

The unprecedented Covid-19 shutdown has presented many challenges for employers and employees. Do you know how well your team is coping over the past few weeks?

Here are a few tips to keep your team on track and in a good frame of mind.

1. Keep in contact

For team members who have never worked from home, these past few weeks would have been a strange and isolating experience. You may all be in a good routine by now, but it is still crucial to keep regular contact with all members of the team. Continue with one on one calls to review work and monitor how each member is coping. Using platforms such as zoom or other teleconferencing technology to link all the team in on daily meetings even if only for 10 minutes will keep the team connected and reduce the feeling of isolation.

2. Promote virtual social interactions

Encourage the team to hold virtual coffee, lunch and afternoon wine dates. With all of us being stuck at home for days on end, this is a great way to break up the day and keeps the team in contact and to support each other.

3. Be honest and open about job security and affects of Covid-19 on the business

If your not being open and honest with the impacts Covid-19 has had on your business and what this means for the future, this could be compounding the stress your team is under. If you are in a position to keep your team working, continue to reassure them that their positions are safe. If you are planning on standing down or letting some of the team go, have the conversations sooner rather than later, and explain to them the reasons behind your decision.

4. Set work-life balance limits

When working from home, it is easy to fall into the trap of working all hours of the day and night. Ensure you let your team know what your expectations are, and that they are not expected to work beyond that. Encourage them to set boundaries between their workspace and living space.

5. Educate and promote mental health strategies while working from home

Our team are our most important resource, so it is imperative that we monitor their well-being during these trying times. Let your team know they are not alone, and have a variety of resources available for them. Offer wellness and mindfulness webinars, encourage regular breaks, healthy eating, exercise and maintaining a good sleep routine.

6. Provide extra support & flexibility for team members who are also homeschooling their children

Not only are many workers struggling with their new routine of working from home, but they may also be splitting their time between working and being the 'teacher' for their children whilst they are homeschooling. Ensure that you are aware of which team members have these added responsibilities in their day and offer flexibility and additional support they may need to not only complete their work but support their children during this time.

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