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7 tips to keep your sanity while working from home

Here are some great tips to help keep you balanced whilst still being productive.

#1 Setting up your workspace

  • section of an area that is just for working, so when the day is over you can separate yourself from work

  • to help with your work life balance avoid working in your bedroom, remember this is your relaxing and sleeping space

  • make sure the space is comfortable and inviting, otherwise you'll keep finding excuses to avoid it

#2 Getting in and keeping the right mindset

  • start the day morning ritual

  • practice meditation

  • exercise, stretch

  • enjoy a tea on the deck in the quiet

  • it's easy to think no-one can see me so it doesn't matter if I slack off, instead be firm with yourself to avoid the guilt trips later in the day

  • set mindful reminders to reset your focus

  • do short mindful exercises during the day, this can be a simple 10 second stretch or meditation

  • take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for at various times during the day

  • find your daily mantra, repeat it through out the day, maybe even print it and put it on the wall where you can see it

#3 Stick to your normal working routines & set boundaries

  • if you normally work 8-5, then keep the same schedule

  • take regular breaks

  • at 5 (or your normal knockoff time) shut down the computer, leave the workspace (shutting the door if you have one)

  • turnoff notifications at the end of the workday to stop work creeping into your personal time

  • if other people share your home, let them know you need to focus on work and to treat you like you are at work

  • on the flip side, when the work day is over switch your focus to your family members leaving work until tomorrow

#4 Schedule your day

  • set out your day with a list of activities to be completed

  • set realistic time frames for each task

  • focus on one task at a time

  • block out times for productive uninterrupted work, appointments, phone calls and breaks

  • turn off your email notifications and set reminders to check them at regular intervals during the day

  • minimise distractions by turning off social media notifications

#5 Get up, move & deep breathing

  • set regular reminders to get up and stretch, walk around the house, or go to the kitchen to get a glass of water

  • setting up your workspace so you have to get up to go to the printer is a great way to keep movement in your day

  • if you can incorporate a walk outside in your breaks or in the morning or at the end of the day

  • when you feel the stress settling in, take a moment and breath deeply for 90 seconds

#6 Eat & drink well

  • don't forget to eat

  • when taking your meal breaks, just enjoy eating and leave work for later

  • avoid unhealthy snacking

  • eat lots of nutritious foods, fresh fruit and vegetables to help with your moods and energy

  • drink lots of water

  • limit your caffeine intake

#7 Be patient & kind to yourself

  • build a support network you can communicate with regularly

  • don't be afraid to ask for help

  • play some music, or burn some candles or oils that makes you feel good

  • be considerate of yourself the same as your would other people

  • set aside time for connecting with other people, colleagues, family, friends

  • don't get cross with yourself when your day doesn't go as planned

  • accept what you cannot change in yourself, others, the situation and the moment

  • celebrate the small wins

  • finish the day with writing down one thing that made you smile or laugh so you finish the day on a positive note

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