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QLD Government - Covid-19 Relief

The Queensland Government has announced a range of Covid-19 support for both business and households to help

Relief Available for Qld Business & Households:


QRIDA Covid-19 Job Support Loans

Loans up to $250,000, interest free for the initial 12 months for Queensland businesses to retain staff

Payroll Tax Relief

Small & medium Queensland businesses (with payroll of $6.5 million or less) will be eligible for:

  • a 2 month refund of payroll tax

  • a 3 month payroll tax holiday

Larger Queenland businesses (payroll over $6.5 million) will be eligible for:

  • 2 month refund of payroll tax

In addition all Queensland business will be eligible to defer all payroll tax payments for the rest of 2020

$500 Rebate on Commercial Electricity bills

Queensland businesses that use less than 100,000 KWh of power will automatically receive the rebate on power bills

Land Tax Rebate

The following Queensland Land Tax measures are available:

  • 25% reduction of 2019/20 land tax liability

  • waiver of 25% land tax foreign surcharge for foreig

n entities for 2019/20

  • 3 month deferral of land tax liabilities for 2020/21 assessment year

The 3 month deferral & 25% foreign surcharge waiver will be automatic, but you will need to apply for the rebate.

Government Premises Rent Relief

6 months of rent relief for Queensland businesses renting from the Government

Fees Waived for Tourism Businesses

A range of fees, charges and levies have been waived for Queensland tourism businesses including:

  • registration renewal fees for Inbound Tour Operators

  • rebates on marina charges and passenger levies

  • deferral of tourism lease rent payments

For further information:


$200 Rebate on Queensland Household Electricity & Water bills

  • $100 for electricity

  • $100 for water

  • the entire $200 will be automatically applied to the household electricity bill

For further information:

Information current as at 15 April 2020

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