Here at Wellness Business Advisors we want to empower you with the knowledge and skills to grow your business and save money.


We offer a holistic approach to nurturing the sustainability of businesses in the wellness industry.  We don’t just focus on compliance and the numbers for your business but on the health and well-being of it's ‘three pillars’ - the mind, body and soul.


By creating a balanced grounding of all three pillars not only will the health of your business flourish, but so too will its sustainability. 

With our our teaching, guidance and assistance not only will you be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to create the business you desire, we will help you save money so you can turn your dreams into reality.

See our packages page for a full listing of our service offerings. We can also personalize our packages to meet your specific business needs. 

All of our meeting are held face to face on site at your business, or via Zoom at a time convenient to you!




The foundation of your business


Objectives & goal setting

 Policies & procedures




The muscle (the doing) in your business

Income tax 

Financial reporting


Payroll obligations

Year end planning 

Systems, setups & monitoring procedures 

 Performance & cash-flow monitoring 

 Accountability of goals  


The personality & people of your business


 Market focus

 Human Resources